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International photo tours and workshops

The photographic trips and workshops are imparted by photographers with proven experience and are aimed at a wide audience; from the tourist who is interested in knowing interesting places, the amateur with a desire to learn or profile his knowledge to the professional who wants to expand his photographic portfolio.  The photographic trips and workshops try to familiarize participants with the different theoretical and practical aspects of different kinds of photography and prepare them for the situations and possibilities on the locations. 

Join and come to know spectacular places from the natural, cultural and landscape point of view and spend a pleasant stay in them, accompanied by expert photographers with expertise about the area who will be at the full disposal of the attendees to answer any questions and provide the appropriate advice. 

Among our usual destinations are the Cantabrian Coast (Northern Spain), the Basque Country, The Spanish Pyrenees, Río Tinto (Spain), as well as Iceland, Portugal and Morocco.

We offer online photography courses on different topics; from personalized Photoshop classes to group sessions for composition courses with portfolio viewings.

Next Destinations

Photography workshop

Cabo de Gata; Volcanic coast

17- 19 February

International Photo Tour

Seascape and abstract photography

in Southwest Portugal

4 - 9 March

Photography workshop
The Desert of the South (Andalusia)
10 - 12 March

Workshop landscape and abstract photography

Los Alcornocales (Andalusia)
16 - 19 March

International Photo Tour
26 March - 2 April

International Photo workshop
Río Tinto
28 April to 1May

International Photo Tour
The Basque Country
2 - 8 May

International Photo Tour
Magic Iceland
22 September - 1 October

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