AL ANDALUS PHOTO TOUR is a photographic project created by Peter Manschot, which combines photography and tourism in the most outstanding natural landscapes. "After having lived intensely landscape photography since 2000, time in which I have been able to portray the places in their most photogenic moments, and having published, among others, five author's books, I would like to share my experience and knowledge in the workshops of AL ANDALUS PHOTO TOUR.

WHAT DO WE OFFER?  AL ANDALUS PHOTO TOUR offers photographic trips through the most attractive and varied landscapes of the Andalusian geography, from lush and subtropical forests, desert landscapes, high peaks, to phantasmagorical places, through landscapes dyed by autumn colors and volcanic coasts ..., introducing cultural and ethnographic components such as abandoned villages, taking our clients  to the most outstanding places of these landscapes in their most spectacular moments (always  when the weather allows so), thus providing interesting photographs for the people in our activities.

These workshops consist of theoretical and practical sessions of digital photography, specialized in landscape photography and night photography sessions, as well as projections of the works done during the courses. 

AL ANDALUS PHOTO TOUR provides its participants with full board accommodation and van transport on our longer photographic trips.

FOR WHOM?  The trips are aimed at a wide audience, both national and foreign (residents): from the tourist who is interested in knowing interesting places, or the enthusiastic amateur as well as the photographic professional interested in expanding his/her photographic portfolio.
The workshops can be taught in Spanish, English, German and Dutch, adapting to the client's requirements. 

A selection of the trips we currently offer are available on our site and you can contact us at alandalusphoto@gmail.com

We are also present on the social networks:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alandalusphototour

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peter_manschot/

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